Whoa, I didn’t realize how the time has just passed by! My last post was in March. I had been wrapped up taking pictures for my #100happydays on Instagram and that was my main source of energy sharing.
I took a mini social media vacation during these last couple of months too. It’s always a good idea to just take some time off and enjoy the sunshine and the cuddles from your kiddies. Agree. Yes!

I am loving that summer is really here!

I have a new offering and I think you should follow me on Instagram to see what it is!

I will tell you soon!


I have been reading about Ayurveda lately and turmeric is coming up a lot. So I looked into some quick and easy recipes for my spa at home. Last night I tried this mask but I put just a tad to much turmeric, so make sure you follow the measurements, if you don’t your skin will be tinted yellow. So to help rid the tint I did a follow up raw honey mask. And beautiful! My skin felt softer than my three year olds face.

Tonight I am going to try out some turmeric milk. My badass Yogini friend swears by it! It’s basically any milk warmed with raw honey and as much turmeric as you can handle. You may add ginger or cinnamon or peppercorn, it’s all about experimenting!
Enjoy. xo

This May I am participating in the Yogini Yogathon at the Glebe Community Centre. I am pretty excited to be doing yoga all day with a room full of amazing women all there for the same reasons, to spread joy and empower women and children.

I will write an upcoming post all about the charities that we are raising funds for, but for today I am going to open up my closet and offer my fashion for grabs. All the proceeds will go towards my fundraising for this event. So here they are, please message me if you are interested in any of the items.



$25. Taupe vinyl crop jacket by Ashley size S


$10. Ladies long sleeve tee by French Connection size M (fits short)



$30. Grey fitted side zip up by Diesel size M


$10. Thailand kitty tank top by B girl size S



$15. Blue baby doll by Mine size S



$20. Italian blue tunic tank by Tensione In size S



$35. Grey rayon dress by Poetry Clothing size S



$40 leaf tunic with cut out by Ark & Co. size S



$35. Blue bird dress by Blue Pepper size S



$50. Teal Asian style blazer by French Connection size 8




$35. Dark green linen tunic hand made in Thailand size S



$15. Karma sweatshirt by UB size M



$40. Grey striped linen dress hand made in Thailand size S



$15. Black stretchy dress from Jacob size 1-2


$20. Mustard vegan purse by Sparrow True

My skin has not been so happy with this cold windy winter. It doesn’t help that I have rosacea either. My prescribed cream leaves my face dry so I rely on natural ways of healing to balance it out. Sometimes I like to apply raw organic honey as a face mask and let it soak in for twenty minutes or so, just enough time to get a good savasana in.

Today though I wanted to try something different, I needed to shed the dry skin away. I am drinking my organic the glow tea from David’s tea to get the fluids in. Keeping hydrated is the most important aspect of having heathy glowing skin, something I know I need improvement in!

I had originally made this espresso blend with the cocoa and cinnamon for my husband for Christmas, but I ground the beans too fine so it doesn’t work in our machine. We have it saved for body scrubs. This time I tried it on my face. I simply took a small teaspoon of the mix and added in some melted coconut oil. Honestly I just ran my jar of coconut butter under the hot water until there was enough melted to use. I would not suggest microwaving it, or anything for that matter see past post about microwaves here. And I used a gentle circular motion with water as I washed away the scrub. My hands and face still smell like coffee, but it’s not as bad as when I do the full body scrub.

I think you should try this method, my skin feels awesome right now!

When Riley was just about to turn three she already had a good idea of what her favourite animal is, the turtle. Still is the turtle. Skyla is just about to turn three and she has never really expressed what her favourite animal is, she likes all kinds. So I asked her and as expected she told me she didn’t know. I brought out a couple of books with the pages loaded with different animals. Without hesitation she pointed right away to the brown bear. I showed her a few more to see and still it was the bear. This got me thinking, a turtle and a bear are my daughters favourite animals, hmm.

Last year I went to see a friend of mine for a chakra clearing, read it here and she was able to pick up turtle totem energy and bear totem energy. Was she picking up my daughters energies do you think? I do in retrospect as she went on about motherly love and protection.

I just think it’s amazing how everything is connected. This just blew my mind!

So you can guess what Skyla will be learning about soon… Bears!

I am finding myself a little emotional today due to last nights date night with my love. We went to Soup Ottawa for the Giving Voice charity sponsorship. We went to support Death cafe Ottawa and listen and get inspired to all other five speakers.

During the night I started to tear up as I found myself wanting to give back more and do something huge. And I am sure that one of the songs played in someone’s slide show was one of the songs in the playlist at my Saturday morning yoga class. So I was feeling a little raw in a sense.

Tonight after the girls go to bed and before my love goes off to hockey he and I will sit down and brainstorm some charity ideas. He’s a natural hero always coming to the rescue and saving people and I love giving and sharing. We are a good match. So what shall we get into is our question.

This should be fun, it’s been a great week so far with our little date nights around peace and charity.


I finally glued all these beautiful images down! It only took a month to go back and complete the vision board.

I found the process of finding beautiful and inspiring images very soothing for my soul. The blush tones are favourable colours for this time in my life.

I am really embracing this self love process and am very grateful for this journey. As I mentioned before I have been finding hearts everywhere, and I still am.

On Monday night when my husband and I had our make art date night he composed this amazing abstract oil painting with his knives. When I was taking a close look at the texture I immediately found a perfect little heart. I asked him of he made it intentionally. It appeared on its own, then he found another one in his painting for me.

For now I have my vision board up against my wall in my bedroom, ideally it should be framed and hung. My daughters love looking at it too and ask questions about the images. If you notice there is an empty spot on the right side, it’s intension is to welcome any new possibilities. Just saying.

If you haven’t made a vision board before I highly recommend the process, even if you keep it private on Pinterest at least you have a collection of images that you can look at to keep you motivated and in line with your beliefs and goals. And if you have made one before, maybe look back at it and see if there is anything you would like to add or subtract.

Here’s to creating a beautiful life.

I don’t know who is more excited about our stay in date night tonight, me or my husband!? It’s a creative date following a weekly theme from maps to herself in the make art Mondays series that just started this week.

It feels good to open my box full of drawing supplies from college when I studied Interior Design. I have so many wonderful Letraset markers that have been hiding away with all the water colour pencils… Oh this will be fun tonight. I even bought us some new large format spiral bound multi media art books to fill with our imagination.

I was tempted to make a tank top for yoga class or embroider a peace symbol to wear or something but those seemed to easy and comfortable. I have not tapped into the unplanned creative process with a paint brush or marker in a very long time, nor has my husband so is should be a fun date.

This week the theme is peace as you could probably tell. It’s free to join in and receive the weekly emails with themes. There is even a meditation mp3 included to prompt inspiration and put you in a creative mind frame, the alpha mode.

You can share your art work on the web with hashtag #makeartmonday if you want to inspire others. I know I’m excited to see others work! Also if it doesn’t work Monday, you can create and day of the week, but still use the hashtag #makeartmonday to keep it within maps to herself.

Peace & Love & Happy Creating.


As part of my journey on self love I stumbled upon gala darling and I fell in love with someone else’s story and inspiring words. I have been practicing daily gratitude as well as documenting it in a mini day planner. It’s just part of my morning ritual along with some tea, or warm lemon water. As of today thanks to gala’s inspiration I will be starting a journal documenting all the compliments people gave given me over the years and for the next to come. It’s true that we can easily remember the harshness over the wonderful. I would like to remember the wonderful and forget the harsh. Wouldn’t we all?! Gratitude is a practice and to stay focused we must stay active within the practice.

In a few minutes I will be going through old messages documenting all the wonderful compliments my friends and family even people I don’t really know have been giving me.

I hope this inspires you to document the good that comes your way. <3

This may even allow myself to open up more and give more compliments from the heart to others, something I am working towards.

You know you are on the right path when the universe begins presenting little gifts for you. For the last month or so I have submerging myself in gratitude and self love. I took a gratitude workshop that gave me some tools to document what I am grateful for throughout the day.
Since I took this little workshop I have been seeing a shift. All of the sudden hearts were popping up everywhere. The first time I noticed a little heart shaped gift from the universe was when I stepped out of a nice sea salt bath a few nights ago, there in the little water splashes outside the tub was this perfect heart water drop. The second time I accepted (notice how I used the word accepted here) a little heart from the universe was when I was cleaning the stove top and as I was spraying the organic cleaner a perfect heart magically formed in the bubbles. And last night as I was getting a salty snack for my family I poured out some chips and out came this perfectly folded heart shape chip just for me. Thank you universe I am accepting all your little gifts with openness and gratitude! <3 <3 <3

Over the years I have allowed myself to slowly close my heart and pull away from others. I would dwell on the negative instead of embracing the good and the lessons in situations.

Presently I am on this major self love rehabilitation and finally accepting the gifts from the universe.

It takes a lot for me to open up to people especially new friends because I am scared of giving too much of myself and be left grieving when the friendship doesn't work out.

Yesterday I told another woman I loved her, a new friend, a soul sister and someone who is going to be in my life for a long time.

I was almost in tears after I wrote the words I love you. I can't remember the last time I said that to anyone who wasn't family or an old friend.

Last night when I was sharing with my husband it felt really good to share. Something I didn't really do in the past. I want to share my feelings now, I want to express gratitude to all that touch my life. I have so much to be thankful for. So damn much to be thankful for!

I'm turning thirty five next month and I can't believe it's taken me this long to come to this heart opening experience. Now I want to share my self love experiences and gratitude.

It's sad how we don't get taught to love ourselves I mean truly love ourselves when we are young. Today is the International Self Love day, Who knew right! So this morning I embraced the time with my daughters before the oldest went off to school. I wrote to her teacher to let her know it's the International Self Love day and suggested that she cut out a heart for all the students in the class and ask them to write what they love about themselves in the heart. I wrote a little temporary tattoo on my daughters inner wrist that reads Self Lover. Hoping that kids will ask her about it so she can let them in on this very special day. <3 this needs to start young so please share the importance of self love.

My husband and I were going over little ideas on what we could do to embrace this special day, as he works in the day he came up with these easy doable gifts:
Listening to some favourite forgotten music in the truck
Stopping in at the LCBO after work to pick up some favourite beers
Writing in his journal what he loves about himself

Because I am at home with my youngest my list is a little longer:
Start the day with a mini meditation in bed
Silently thank the heavens and universe while I brush my teeth
Return to my bedroom for a handstand up the wall
Enjoy a huge bottle of overnight brewed lemon water
Stay off my iPad until after I get back from taking my daughter to her bus stop
Make the morning really loving with hugs and kisses and ask what my daughters love about themselves
Dry brush before shower
Take time to cuddle with my youngest in the shower
Wear perfume and a my new heart necklace that I made on the weekend
Paint my nails
Write a post about it <3

Then after this I will:
Make a special organic tea and almond milk latte
Make a new piece of jewellery
Light some rose incense
Pull an oracle card
Journal what I love about myself
Have a candle lit bath tonight while listening to my heart chakra playlist
Romance my husband to close the night and welcome Valentines day

Good start I'd say! But it doesn't stop I want to fall in love with everything.

I would love love love to hear some of your self love rituals or gifts.

Happy Self Love day.




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