I’m so glad you’re here!  My name is Chelsy, and I am a Crystal Healer turned Kundalini Yogi turned Postpartum Doula & Birth Worker. Sound like your kinda vibe?  Live in Ottawa or Gatineau?  Keep reading and see how I can serve you.  Peace & Love – xo

Before collaborating with anyone professionally, Chelsy feels that you should be able to vibe energetically on the same level.  She will only take on clients that she feels they can both work together in harmony. Hashtag good vibes only.


Chelsy is a Lightworker, a spiritual soul who lives life with a passion for self-love and creativity. Others describe her as a natural healer, angelic and caring.

Yoga mudra, prenatal kundalini yoga, mama Yogi

As a way to connect deeper to her kundalini practice, she requested a spiritual name.  Chelsy has been blessed with the spiritual name Sat Shabad Kaur, the princess/lioness of God who holds the truth in her heart and vibrates its sound with grace and power.



Whether it be working through an Intuitive Healing Mandala, a workshop, crystal healing session, Postpartum Doula offerings or kundalini yoga class, Chelsy brings light and grace to the space with divine feminine energy. She loves to infuse creative ways to keep your inner child(ren) happy and inspired. She loves creating sacred ceremony with crystals, altars, candles, singing bowls and mantras.


Chelsy is guided by intuition and trust. When the Universe nudges, she follows as it leads her closer to her Soulwork.

The nudge to become a Doula came like a giant wave of Abundance. Good Vibes and full mind+body+soul alignment. She is currently in the middle of her Childbirth Education and Postpartum Doula certification.



Let’s connect over tea.  It’s my calling to serve you.  CONNECT:: info@chelsyanne.com for insight and bookings.