I’m so glad you’re here!  My name is Chelsy, [she/her] and I am a Crystal Healer, Kundalini Yogi Teacher, certifying Postpartum Doula & Childbirth Educator and a Sex & Birth Support Person.  Sound like your kinda vibe?  Live in Ottawa or Gatineau?  Keep reading and see how I can serve you.  Peace & Love – xo


I like to refer myself as a Lightworker, a spiritual soul who lives life with a passion for empowerment and creativity. Others like to describe me as a natural healer and empathetic.

Yoga mudra, prenatal kundalini yoga, mama Yogi

As a way to connect deeper to my kundalini practice, I thought it would be interesting to request a spiritual name from 3HO.  I have been blessed with the spiritual name Sat Shabad Kaur. This name means, the princess/lioness who holds the truth in her heart and vibrates its sound with grace and power.  Pretty cool. Although, I feel more aligned to live with the name my parents gave me, Chelsy.


Whether it be working through an Intuitive Healing Mandala, a workshop, crystal healing session, Postpartum Doula offerings, sex & Birth support or kundalini yoga class, I intend to bring light and grace to the space with non-biased energy.  I look to infuse creative ways to keep your inner child(ren) happy and inspired. I love creating sacred ceremony with essential oils, crystals, altars, candles, singing bowls and mantras.


I am very much guided by intuition and trust. When the Universe nudges, I follow as it leads me closer to my Soulwork.

The nudge to add family care into my repertoire came like a giant wave of Abundance. Full on mind+body+soul alignment. I am currently in the middle of the Childbirth Education and Postpartum Doula certifications.



Let’s connect over tea.  It’s my calling to serve you.  CONNECT:: info@chelsyanne.com for insight and bookings.





Chelsy Anne, LGBTQIA+ ally, support, love wins, all families, all gender, equality


5% of all Prenatal Kundalini classes, Postpartum Doula care and Childbirth Education classes is donated to     The Shanti Uganda Society.