+ I had a little birthday

Ever since I was a young girl my Dad has always given me one single rose on my birthday, usually pink or yellow. One time I was staying in Moncton with my grandparents during march break and he has one delivered to me because he couldn’t physically bring me one. Yesterday was my birthday, and I have a bad cold so I cancelled my plans with family coming over because I didn’t want them getting sick. My Dad however showed up at my place around noon with a construction dust mask on his face with the words written ” I ❤ you” on it so he wouldn’t catch any germs. Oh my did I ever start to ball on his shoulder. I was feeling down because of the grey skies and the fact that I wouldn’t get to see anyone on my special day. Dad brought me a single yellow rose that I put in one of my favorite little vases from Ikea.


Here is my loot from the girls and Shaun. I love the way Riley prints my name!

After Shaun phoned me on his lunch break he could tell that I was sounding down so he came home early from work to help cheer me up with sushi and chocolate cake. I got to open these nicely wrapped gifts to find some tea from David’s, my childhood favorite Smarties, and an iPad mini. There was a mini card inside the raisin box from Riley’s doll Cailin too.

I spent the night drinking tea sitting by the fire while checking out my new iPad. I’ll see my family when I’m feeling better. All my friends and family made me feel special with all the birthday wishes and I am truly thankful for them! I can’t wait to start feeling more like myself though so I can actually see people!

I just hope no one caught anything at Urban Craft on Sunday. Although I didn’t seem that bad that day. It was an awesome turn out, we are talking 1200 people awesome turn out!!! I was able to sell many items too, which is always good!

Here is a little view of our updated dining room, it’s still under works but the girls really like the new table.



And our new electric fire place. I love sitting in our tea room even more now, it’s kinda the grown up room with no toys allowed kinda room. The girls are getting better at respecting that wish too.

So now on to getting ready for St.Patrick’s day this weekend and Skyla’s 2nd birthday on the 20th.

We need to go and register Riley for kindergarten this afternoon too. I’ve got major mixed feelings, but it’s best for our family right now.

+ Months later…I couldn’t live with mustard like I thought I could. So I painted it out to a neutral tone pulled from the basement studio. It’s amazing how colour changes everything. Even though the pattern is intense it doesn’t feel aggressive like the mustard did.

There is still a few lights that are missing and a console in the room, but they are on the bottom of our Reno list.


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