+ Always, always love yourself first.

One thing I should do more is take care of my self, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Next week my husband is going away for a few nights and rather than let the time pass I have a whole list of ideas to do to take care of enjoy myself. I am really looking forward to my stay at home MEtreat as someone I know calls it! So to start of my retreat I have a 90 minute Thai massage on Tuesday morning. I will have to gather all the ingredients if needed for the rest of the week. Here is what I plan on doing for the four or so nights after my girls are asleep, although I haven’t finalized the recipes for the spa treatments and detox juices.

+ 3 day juice detox
+ more yoga
+ more meditation
+ sea salt bath
+ organic homemade hair mask
+ organic homemade facial
+ tweeze my eyebrows
+ listen to Love or Above CDs that a friend lent me
+ light some incense and candles
+ homemade organic hand and foot scrub
+ paint my nails
+ aromatherapy bath
+ make some raw chocolate treats
+ homemade organic sugar scrub for body
+ tarot card reading if I get some questions
+ make a new piece of jewellery to keep

If you have any good recipes for any at home spa treatments please share! I am really getting excited for my soul loving weekend at home. As a Pisces I really need some ME time and I don’t take advantage of it as I should. Also have you noticed how many Pisces to yoga? Seriously! We need to keep ourselves grounded and yoga is a great way to do so! I always feel more connected to my soul when I do it. I am a beginner, I am a work in progress!


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