+ morning caffeine fix

I just had my morning caffeine fix. Ha! I never drink coffee or espresso, my body doesn’t like it in me, but I just discovered how much my skin loves it! I started my at home spa routine last night by giving myself a honey mask. Just plain organic honey that I let soak into my pores for about 45 minutes. When I washed the honey away with warm water I was truly amazed by my soft and glowing skin! I also did a hair mask of coconut oil, avocado and honey. When I washed it out after the 45 minutes my hair was super greasy, but I left it for the night. I placed a towel on my pillow and got some zzz. This morning I washed my hair with my regular natural shampoo and conditioners. I did this before my body looked like the picture above! I didn’t want to have olive oil hands before trying to wash away the coconut hair. So for the coffee fix scrub, basically mix 3/4 parts ground coffee grounds, 1/4 part brown sugar and enough olive oil to bind it together. Exfoliate away!!! My skin feels amazazing! I have my annual dermatologist check up in a couple of hours so I wanted my skin to look and feel its best. I would definitely keep all three of these at home spa treatments in my routine. Although my body smells like coffee right now even though I washed it all away with a store bought natural mint body wash, it still smells like I work at Bridgehead coffee shop! I can’t exactly wear perfume until after my appointment today. Oh we’ll I feel and look good! You should try these, they are a bit messy, I wrapped my hair in a shower cap and my shower was insane with coffee this morning but worth it. Enjoy it for yourself.



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