+ Mala

Last night I made a point to make myself a special piece of jewellery. I really wanted to make a mala necklace or bracelet, although I wasn’t sure what I had for round stones. Nothing really, I am usually attracted to irregular faceted stones. Luckily I had an old wooden necklace that used to be my mothers. I like to save her old jewellery to purposely take it apart and reclaim it in new pieces of jewellery. I have done this many times with vintage jewellery from my grandmother and pieces from my sister too.
So I now have a mala bracelet to meditate with and to wear during and after my at home yoga practices. I am not sure what type of wood the 20 beads are, but I made the eye bead out of sterling silver and hung an aquamarine and a sterling silver tassel.
Mala bracelets always have 21 beads or round stones and mala necklaces always have 108 beads or round stones with an eye bead. You can learn more here.


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