+ Touch

The effects of a simple hug are so beneficial it’s amazing. By hugging someone for 20 seconds it can release oxytocin to breakdown the cortisone in your bloodstream lessening your stress levels, making you much happier and allowing you to trust someone more. Most importantly, it’s what your body needs! Touch is the most important of our 5 senses. We may be able to physically live without smell, sight, taste or sound but we cannot live without being touched.

Now that’s just hugging, imagine what embracing your partner skin to skin, and making love on a regular basis would do to help your health and emotions. And your relationship, imagine how the energy in the home can be if all you do is simply make love to your partner.

If you would like to learn a little more about the importance of sensual touch here is an article to check out. There are also many more on the subject. Enjoy.



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