+ SUP Yoga

I am so excited to try SUP yoga in a couple of weeks! I am a Pisces so naturally drawn to water. The summer when I was 15 all of the sudden I got completely obsessed with the ocean, the waves, the surfers with sun bleached hair and a laid back attitude, the only place I wanted to be was Australia! All this living through a Rolling Stone magazine that led to numerous pages of Surfer mag. Yeah, I would live through magazine pictures and ads. Not to mention, do you remember the band Silverchair.. I look back and feel bad for the Roberts family that took me camping to Lake Superior that summer and all they could hear from the back of their van was my Silverchair and Our Lady Peace blasting. Oh my. Anyways I have always wanted to get on a surf board, but never really took action. I guess boogie board for a few minutes in Daytona might count, but no not really.


I know that SUP and surfing are not the same, but so far it’s the closest I have come to surfing! Stand Up Paddleboard yoga will be a fun challenge. My yoga practice has mostly been at home, on the floor. On the water will be quite an experience!

If you live in Ottawa here is where you can take various SUP classes at different locations around the city.
I am looking forward to the savanasa at the end of the class the most!


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