+ back to school

I am giddy with joy! Tomorrow is the official start of something special. My oldest goes to kindergarten, my youngest will be going to daycare and I’ve got the house to myself! We decided to enroll our youngest in daycare so she has the same fun experiences as her sister. I didn’t want either of them sad because they are not together, so with daycare it’s an easy solution. I also get the house to myself! YAY ME!!! More like lucky me!

During my time alone at home I will be able to practice yoga with no interruptions, I will be able to go down to the basement and photograph and list my jewellery that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet, I will be able to make more jewellery { new mala necklaces coming soon! }, and… I will be able to focus my energy into my studies, yup I am going back to school baby! I am learning to become a Certified Crystal Healer, CCH. I love crystals so much that I wanted to do more than just make jewellery, I want to be able to heal people as well.

So there we have it, the ladies of the house are into studies and new beginnings. Also my husband just lucked out with a full time commitment to a hockey league playing three nights a week as goalie. Games are late at night so he won’t miss the girls and I too. Everything is falling into place perfectly right now. We are all working towards some inner JOY.


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