+ Friday the thirteenth

So today I am just kinda noticing that it’s Friday the thirteenth. The day has been pretty good so far, took the car in for a quick recall that only took about ten minutes, drank some special raspberry leaf tea, wrote in my journal as I was waiting for my car. Then I went shopping looking for a little birthday gift for a girl turning one, found nothing for her at the first store, but bought two really cute tops for the girls. I went down to Crystal Dawn and stuck with my original plan of rose quartz and amethyst for the little girl’s bedroom along with some fun organic bath bubbles and some strawberry organic baby mum mums that I picked up at the grocery store. Anyone with kids should know about baby mum mums! My daughters LOVED THEM!

I am finding myself pretty grounded and at peace. Everything is slowing coming together in all forces! I’ve completed the first two weeks in my certified crystal healing course, just started in a yoga class geared towards women’s cycles with seasonal and hormonal changes, and I am learning how the moon cycle affects the women’s cycle. Meeting some great women along the way too with an abundance of support!

Also I am really close to reaching my goal of raising $200 for the women in Nepal with the 30 day yoga challenge I am doing. Please take a look at the charity page to find out how special it is.

For today being the thirteenth I wonder if any rabbits will be wearing human feet for good luck? Enjoy your day, make it a lucky one. xo



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