+ ch-ch-changes

I got my confirmation email yesterday that I have officially graduated from my certified crystal healing course that I took with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. They threw myself and some other ladies a virtual celebration online through the Facebook fan page. It was a sparkling bottle of champagne! I haven’t spent much time on their fan page before now. Well just the other day I had submitted my video for the contest to go onto the masters certified crystal healing course or to win an 8″ crystal singing bowl. It’s amazing how many people congratulated us graduates! I keep going back and checking out the other video submissions. There are many inspiring stories. I must keep manifesting abundance and imagining what it feels like to receive that next email to congratulate my winning! The process will take a bit, today is the last day for video submissions and then she will get other people to vote for the winner… This is where I will need your help. ❤

In the mean time I am planning out my crystal healing business. My focus is women based clients, sorry guys… And in the Ottawa area. My practice will be mobile to start and then I will open a centre of my own.

If you are into yoga and love savasana then you will love crystal healing! Right now I am thinking of letting eight lucky ladies enjoy their first session with me for {free} in the new year. If you would like to be a client of mine and enjoy the energy of the crystals with me than please follow my blog, become a fan on my Facebook page and spread the love! Please express why you want to have a crystal healing session with me, I would love the encouragement!

Happy Friday the thirteenth!

Oh and this is what a crystal singing bowl looks like.



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