+ full moon

If you have any crystals tonight is the night to place them in the window sill to collect the full moon energy or you may place your crystals directly in the snow.

Did you know that water is the alchemy element of winter and that water carries messages. Take a look at Dr Emoto who discovered these messages through photographs of water samples exposed to different circumstances, places and positive or negative affirmations. It’s pretty interesting to see the images. You’ll want to thank you water before you drink it know or write a positive message on your water bottle. In reality our body is made up of what percentage of water, was it 90%? Think of how you would feel differently if you told yourself positive affirmations each day? Seriously!

Tonight I plan on doing a sacred ceremony welcoming the four elements and embracing the water for winter. I am a member of Moon Rhythms an affiliation of the Moondaughter Lunar Flow class I am taking. There is a soul sister within the group who has shared her spirit alchemy element ritual. She is the founder behind conscious apothecary. Sign up with Moon Rhythms and you will receive this beautiful ceremony information too.

Hope to see you in our sacred group.


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