+ gratitude

Today I’m going to share an opportunity with you. Self love also taken as gratitude. My soul sister Kate Durie is teaching a gratitude workshop at a sweet shop called Hello Yellow in Almonte. It’s a creative workshop where we will be making thank you cards, journals, calendars, little rocks… I am super excited for this special space enlivened with female creative energy!
I am feeling more and more at home with my soul the more she shows me and teaches me about myself. And I am embracing these special bonds with the women in my life.

This is what Kate has to say;
“Gratitude has the ability to pull us into the now. It has magnetic energy that grows and expands and attracts more and more good to everything it touches. When we focus on what and who we are grateful for, transformation follows. You will be changed. You will spread change. Like anything, it’s a practice and it takes practice. Your gratitude starter kit will give you the skills, tools, ideas, and momentum to keep your gratitude practice going throughout the entire year…and beyond.

When we embody, express, and spread gratitude our heart feels lighter, brighter, and whole. Gratitude changes our perspective. Gratitude strengthens our relationships – with those we love, and with our SELF – because gratitude gives as much to the sender as the receiver.”- Kate

For more information and to secure you spot follow this link.



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