+ compliments

As part of my journey on self love I stumbled upon gala darling and I fell in love with someone else’s story and inspiring words. I have been practicing daily gratitude as well as documenting it in a mini day planner. It’s just part of my morning ritual along with some tea, or warm lemon water. As of today thanks to gala’s inspiration I will be starting a journal documenting all the compliments people gave given me over the years and for the next to come. It’s true that we can easily remember the harshness over the wonderful. I would like to remember the wonderful and forget the harsh. Wouldn’t we all?! Gratitude is a practice and to stay focused we must stay active within the practice.

In a few minutes I will be going through old messages documenting all the wonderful compliments my friends and family even people I don’t really know have been giving me.

I hope this inspires you to document the good that comes your way. ‚̧

This may even allow myself to open up more and give more compliments from the heart to others, something I am working towards.


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