+ make art Monday

I don’t know who is more excited about our stay in date night tonight, me or my husband!? It’s a creative date following a weekly theme from maps to herself in the make art Mondays series that just started this week.

It feels good to open my box full of drawing supplies from college when I studied Interior Design. I have so many wonderful Letraset markers that have been hiding away with all the water colour pencils… Oh this will be fun tonight. I even bought us some new large format spiral bound multi media art books to fill with our imagination.

I was tempted to make a tank top for yoga class or embroider a peace symbol to wear or something but those seemed to easy and comfortable. I have not tapped into the unplanned creative process with a paint brush or marker in a very long time, nor has my husband so is should be a fun date.

This week the theme is peace as you could probably tell. It’s free to join in and receive the weekly emails with themes. There is even a meditation mp3 included to prompt inspiration and put you in a creative mind frame, the alpha mode.

You can share your art work on the web with hashtag #makeartmonday if you want to inspire others. I know I’m excited to see others work! Also if it doesn’t work Monday, you can create and day of the week, but still use the hashtag #makeartmonday to keep it within maps to herself.

Peace & Love & Happy Creating.



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