+ vision

I finally glued all these beautiful images down! It only took a month to go back and complete the vision board.

I found the process of finding beautiful and inspiring images very soothing for my soul. The blush tones are favourable colours for this time in my life.

I am really embracing this self love process and am very grateful for this journey. As I mentioned before I have been finding hearts everywhere, and I still am.

On Monday night when my husband and I had our make art date night he composed this amazing abstract oil painting with his knives. When I was taking a close look at the texture I immediately found a perfect little heart. I asked him of he made it intentionally. It appeared on its own, then he found another one in his painting for me.

For now I have my vision board up against my wall in my bedroom, ideally it should be framed and hung. My daughters love looking at it too and ask questions about the images. If you notice there is an empty spot on the right side, it’s intension is to welcome any new possibilities. Just saying.

If you haven’t made a vision board before I highly recommend the process, even if you keep it private on Pinterest at least you have a collection of images that you can look at to keep you motivated and in line with your beliefs and goals. And if you have made one before, maybe look back at it and see if there is anything you would like to add or subtract.

Here’s to creating a beautiful life.


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