+ how to camp like a Goddess

So my husband and I finally packed up the kids and drove to literally the closest campsite for a little vacation. We haven’t been camping in over, oh my gosh I think it’s been a decade. Yikes. Anyways I wanted to bring Me camping, my style and my special touches. Like any Goddess would.

First I checked online for lists of typical things to bring incase there was something not obvious to me. Then I figured out all of our meals. I had a meatless camping experience which was super easy!
Roasted corn on the cobb for the first night’s dinner,
cinnamon buns done in orange peels for breakfast,
avocado with salsa and nacho chips for lunch,
cherries for a late snack,
fire roasted sweet potatoes with peppers for dinner with crescent rolls,
then cinnamon oatmeal and pan fired cinnamon apples.
Both nights there were roasted marshmallows too.

20140811-212435.jpgThese turned out so good, you could really taste the orange in it!

Now on to the important stuff…

Goddess camping, a little list of not so typical items to pack…

+ Flower crown is a must!

+ Amethyst for a peaceful sleep.

+ Lavender oil also to help you sleep.

+ Nag Champa to light outside your tent.

+ Sage to keep the Mosquitos away.

+ Crystals to make a mandala with gifts from nature.

+ Oracle or tarot cards for fireside readings.

+ Fake tea lights to use in the tent because flashlights can be to harsh.

+ Vase for fresh wild flowers to sit on the cute table cloth draped over the picnic table.

+ Tea kettle and a big mug for your favorite tea, but don’t drink it before bed, you’ll be sorry.

+ Special drink in a large Masson jar, I made a virgin strawberry peach mojito with tons of mint.

+ Your husband or another amazing person to keep you warm at night when it’s freezing and damp.

+ Kimono for obvious reasons.

+ Water proof flip flops.

+ Nail polish to pass the time.

+ Baby wipes to stay fresh.

+ Yoga mat for morning sun salutations.







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