+ etsy Made in Canada

This was one of my favourite shows I’ve done! I am so honoured and touched by the love and support of friends and family. So many of you came out. More than any other show I’ve been in. I gave like 15+ really good hugs that day. And I got to spend the day earthing and grounding myself while barefoot!

Pretty dirty by the end of the day, but I felt so good especially while I rubbed my toes on the hematite and snowflake obsidian!

I met some really cool ladies, lots of Yoginis, which I actually hoped to, as most of my table is mala bracelets! One Yogini won an Intuitive Reading Mandala that I did a draw for.


And I brought my little clear quartz Ganesh as well as my smokey quartz and seashell as a mini altar.


During the show I wasn’t sure how I did sale wise because I don’t like to count it up until after the show. Turned out I did pretty awesome! That night after the show I even got a sale through Etsy for another Intuitive Reading Mandala, and she lives in the US. Plus others have been contacting me about more mala bracelets. And, there is now a little waiting list for a new necklace that I was wearing… So so good!

I love my job, and I love these new offerings and connections I’ve made. Keeping busy, spreading the love and sharing the light.



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