Chelsy Anne is a Lightworker, a spiritual soul who lives life with a passion for self-love and creativity. Others describe her as a natural healer, angelic and caring.
As a way to connect deeper to her kundalini practice, she requested a spiritual name. She has been blessed with the spiritual name Sat Shabad Kaur, the princess/lioness of God who holds the truth in her heart and vibrates its sound with grace and power.
Whether it be a workshop, crystal healing session, or kundalini class, Chelsy Anne brings light and grace to the space with divine feminine energy. She is a mother who loves to infuse creative ways to keep your inner child(ren) happy and inspired. She loves creating sacred ceremony with crystals, altars, candles, singing bowls and mantras.
Before kundalini yoga, Chelsy Anne studied photography, graphic design and interior design. When her first child was born is 2008, Chelsy Anne jewellery was also born. In 2013 she attained a certification in Crystal Healing and Metaphysical Practitioner certification in 2014.
Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan has been the biggest and most rewarding spiritual shift. Chelsy Anne has completed level one and Conscious Communication in level two kundalini YTT at Pranashanti.  This autumn 2017, she will continue with the Mind and Meditation module at PranaShanti of the level two kundalini YTT.

Sharing the joy of yoga, breath and meditation with kids is hands down her favourite.  A friend once read her energy and predicted that she would be teaching kids yoga.  Chelsy laughed at the idea then when she was new in the Crystal healing world, not knowing what gifts she truly encompasses. Chelsy Anne holds a level 3 in Radiant Child Yoga and will share her gift through Little Gurus yoga and meditation.

As of recently, Chelsy Anne has infused her past design experiences into a Home Staging venture.  Her eye for modern and clean aesthetic with a touch of Boho will help sellers welcome new home owners the chance to dream with possibility within the space.  A little energetic space clearing will always help!

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CONTACT :: info@chelsyanne.com