Never in her creative field of work has Chelsy been more aligned and inspired to serve as a Postpartum Doula in Ottawa & Gatineau. In this soul gratifying role she is given the opportunity to nourish and hold space for new mothers+ navigating the postpartum period, also known as the fourth trimester.



The fourth trimester is a time of intense depth and adjustment. A time where mothers can embrace slowing down to focus on healing and bonding with baby. A successful transition from maiden to mother requires a village of support. Chelsy, full of grace and passion engages this supportive role as a Postpartum Doula.


During her Kundalini yoga teacher training, Chelsy was first introduced and moved by the infinite act of mother retreating in-home for the first forty days following birth.  During which, the new mother and baby are to stay within nine feet of each other to sustain their energetic connection. This safe and loving environment allows baby to unfurl slowly into the world and with support, the new mother can recover from birth.


Heng Ou, author of ‘The First Forty Days’ has created a foundation inspired by the traditional Chinese zuo yuezi period of confinement. This foundation is built around retreat, warmth, support, rest and ritual. Ou’s revived art of caring for the mother after birth has poetically influenced the way Chelsy works with her clients.


+ This also includes surrogates & adoptive parent(s).  As well as the 40 days is a guide, some will need more time and some may want less.




Official launch date is early 2018.

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