Intuitive Healing Mandala, intuition, oracle cards, Art of Attention yoga deck 
You are unique, and loveable, and you have a special purpose here, but you feel like your soul hasn’t opened up to your full potential. You want everything to flow and the truth is, you feel a little disconnected. You know there is beauty in the Divine but you don’t know how to tap into those gifts. You are longing to come home and live the life you have been dreaming of.

Intuitive Healing Mandala, insight, guidance, trust in yourself, guided
You want to let go of living in the past.
You want to start showing yourself more love.
You want to feel balanced and connected.

I can give you insight on which areas in your life to focus on to keep you on your right path.

I start by tuning into your energetic field and intuitively select a chakra or two to balance. I then work with my oracle cards and crystals to display what you truly need at this moment.

I will place all unique cards and crystals within the mandala and send you your image to reflect upon. I will also send you a complete write up on my reading for you. When you receive your electronic session I ask that you take some time to yourself and lie down in savasana without interruptions for at least 45 minutes to absorb the healing energies. Although we are apart physically we are all connected energetically. So you will be able to fully absorb if you take the time to do so.

Intuitive Healing Mandala, guided, intuition, Tarot, crystals, insight

When you purchase an Intuitive Healing Mandala from me please write down your full name, your birthday and in one or two words, a question or intension for this reading.

Jane Doe
Jan 16 1977

Please keep it extremely simple for accuracy. I don’t want a story because that will amplify the past, we want to move with the present.

I am truly looking forward to making a unique mandala for you.



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