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When I was first invited by Chelsy Anne for a crystal healing, I did not know what to expect from the experience. I have had energy healing before like Reiki and EFT but never specifically with crystals. So super excited and open to the experience ahead of me, off I went to her beautiful abode. I walked into the pure sage infused serenity of her home. It was really quite powerful how completely she prepped and infused her space with clean, warm, welcoming energy. She gently commands her space and seemed so incredibly at home in this healer role. I was immediately at ease. She had her crystal room beautifully set up with the table and crystals laid out on a lovely flower of life grid. She asked me to remove all of my jewelry and to just get comfortable on the massage table, basically in an extended savasana. I’m always down for a good meditative moment so was happy to oblige! She had soothing music playing in the background and read the following beautiful piece of writing to me so start the session:

My soul recognizes your soul
I honour the light, love, beauty
Truth and kindness within you
Because it is also within me
In sharing these things
There is no distance and
No differences between us
We are the same
We are one.

Chelsy then proceeded to lay crystals on me/my chakras where needed, as she sensed and saw fit, with the guidance of her pendulum. The goal was to align my chakras as much as possible while infusing any depleted ones. Once the session was done, it’s hard to put into words the feeling of calm and serenity and PURPOSE that was ignited. This session came at a trying time for me in my life and Chelsy picked up right away on the places in my chakra system that really needed that gentle loving energy she carries. Quite a profound experience. Once we completed that part of the session, Chelsy made me a tea that coincided with my heart chakra, the one that was the most thirsty and asked me to set intentions on a piece of paper that she attached to the cup. She then pulled a Goddess card for me as I was sipping the tea and we had a great discussion about the message. Finally, as if all that she had already cultivated in the experience wasn’t enough, she gifted me with a little mojo bag of goodies. Between Chelsy’s obvious healing gift, and all the added really caring touches, she provides a very special experience to her clients. I can say wholeheartedly that she really shifted energy for me that was much needed and I have already seen the merits of this experience, heart chakra and all. -Sheri


Intuitive Healing Mandala, gratitude, testimonials, Sat Nam, Namaste, thank you


Short and sweet, Chelsy’s mandala’s are a work of art. Chelsy assembles a beautiful platter of images, crystals, colours, candles, shells, and other beautiful things that align with the reading she pulls from her vast library of angel/oracle cards. This personalized collection is photographed and shared with…YOU. For you. So gorgeous, I believe it serves as a vision-type board. Print in colour and hang somewhere you look each day. Let it serve as a reminder and inspiration for your path. Love. You will adore this offering from beginning to end. xo kate

Gosh, Chelsy… The more I explore the more I realize how powerful, meaningful, and attuned your work is. Wow. Thank you thank you. Xo

Oh my goodness, chelsy! It was amazing! I’m sorry, I thought I had already written.
It was thorough and guiding and warm to receive. It is powerful to be seen. Many times thank you

Thank you! It’s beautiful, and I’ve been really moved by my mediations on it. Betsy

Thank you so much for this beautiful, artistic, mandala and description. I don’t know what changes are in store for me, but this reading really makes me feel good about what will come to be. Thank you again. This was really special doing it like this.

I AM swooning! It’s gorgeous!! I’m letting it soak in. Just, wow. This resonates with me so strongly, and in some surprising ways. I know this will be a powerful tool to work with. Thank you so much. You have an amazing gift. Blessings, Diana

This made my year. Thank you Chelsy Anne for this incredible visual heart gift. So gorgeous. Reading my reading and LOVING it. You’re great. You’re on point. Truly appreciate you.  x Elena

wow! That is right on the mark! Thank you so much my dear ❤ I will pick up some roses this weekend! someone I work with knows all about yoga mudras and I will get her to show me, and Ruby is one of my most favorite crystals ❤ This is beautiful Chelsy thank you! Chantelle

Thank you so much, Chelsy! I’ve read this a few times but really need to meditate on all of this information. Can’t wait to include this as part of my home altar ❤  Louise

Thank you again for the mandala, I’m still digesting it and working through it – there’s so much in there!  Diana

OMG! So, so wonderful! Thank you so very much. I am going to take the time this evening to go over everything after my meditation. So, so excited! You are wonderful 🙂 Thank you.  Shan

Thank you for the image. I couldn’t wait and opened it at work and snuck a peek. I am now going to sit and think and feel my way around it.
Many questions arise when I look at it. So I am looking forward to the write up. Thank you for creating this image for me just as the first new moon is upon us…
Thank you so much for this wonderful reading. I am going forward with all that goodness in my mind and heart.  Ula


Thank you so much for this beautiful, artistic, mandala and description. I don’t know what changes are in store for me, but this reading really makes me feel good about what will come to be.
Thank you again. This was really special doing it like this since we could not meet up.  Carolyn

It was so dead on, and beautiful to see and read. I’m working at the Shine Centre! Where Shine On is too perfect. And today in class I focussed on healing energies and self love to my lower body. Really this mandala could not have come at a better time, right as I was turning a new chapter and putting gears in motion on new projects – you popped up and gave me the motivation and spiritual direction I needed. Chelsea

  Gratitude, Sat Nam, Namaste, Intuitive Healing Mandala, testimonials

It was a massive time for me – one of healing, transformation, assessment and moving through limiting beliefs. I was planning a wedding, launching the meditation pack, deciding to make a big move (geographically), about to spend two months at home, about to turn thirty and coming head to head with lessons from the past and big ‘ol conundrums from the present that were bothersome, stunting and begging me to go deep and learn more.

Chelsy’s Mandala hit me so hard in the best possible way. Everything on it, every word she wrote, all the images and ideas, every nugget of wisdom, was just so right for me. Things I’d needed validation on, solutions I hadn’t come to yet, clarity on the kind of soul I am (but had lost site of) – it was all there. It helped me so much in every possible way – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The Mandalas Chelsy creates are unique to each person. They’re a collection of intuitively selected cards, stones, colours, images, chakra insight and astrological forces to gently guide the receiver. What you get when you order a Mandala is an image of the spread she’s created just for you along with a detailed write up of what it all means and how to get the most from the healing energy she’s helped you to manifest.

I was able to very fully let go of some old crap, get more in touch with my sense of self-worth, all while gradually feeling more grounded, positive and clear. I sat with my Mandala regularly – its presence was a guide and I never would have imagined that this experience would be so transformative.

I even sat down again with my Mandala about a week ago and guess what – I got a whole new bounty of lessons the second time around. It just keeps giving! Lacey

CONTACT :: info@chelsyanne.com


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